What Else Should I Be? All Apologies

Through recent correspondence with AJ, from over at The Lost Collector, I discovered that the records I have kept of completed trades are completely off.  While I once had up to the minute records of all transactions, I now have nothing but unreliable information.  By this I mean that I know that I have received cards from specific people, but I no longer know who sent what.  Which means that I can’t post about the wonderful things that people sent to me, lest I should mistakenly attribute certain cards to the wrong person.

If you sent cards to me from early December through the middle of January, I have botched up my record keeping, and I will tell the blogosphere that you sent wonderful things, I just won’t be able to say what those cards were.

I don’t know how this happened exactly, and I won’t try to make excuses to those of you who have sent cards.  It seems like I have done nothing but apologize lately, but it is something I must do again.  I hope my irresponsible behavior hasn’t offended anyone that has been kind enough to send cards.

My plan is to show the cards that I have scanned and give credit to the group of people who sent me the cards.  Again, I am sorry for my faux pas.

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2 Responses to What Else Should I Be? All Apologies

  1. Most people will get over it.


  2. Julie says:

    I understand your dilemma. I keeep a tidy spreadsheet of incoming/outgoing packages which hasn’t been updated since November! I’m not giving up yet!


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