Trading with a Fly

I am finally getting around to posting about the many trade packages that arrived during the holidays.  Again, I apologize to those of you that sent these amazing cards to me; perhaps someday in the near future you can forget to post about cards I send to you.

These cards showed up a few weeks before Christmas, and it really was like opening a present.  Adam is responsible for the blog, Infield Fly Rule, which is home to one of the most organized trade posts I have seen.  Adam keeps a running list of inbound and outbound trades, in addition to how many people have traded with him.  It is definitely worth a read.


First up, is a group of Mo Vaughn cards.   These cards were all needed, as Mo is an underrepresented player in my Red Sox collection.  I can’t get over the resemblance between Vaughn and Ortiz.

ortiz 1

Speaking of Big Papi, Adam sent over a slew of his cards that found a happy home in my collection.


I had never seen these “Spot the Error” cards.  What a way to incorporate Where’s Waldo into baseball cards.


A couple of Pedroia cards were included in the stack of cards Adam sent over.


Nomar had the skills to be a Hall of Famer, had he been able to remain healthy.  So it goes without saying that he is the best shortstop in Red Sox history.


Adam sent over a few Wade Boggs cards, and the Diamond Kings card takes me right back to elementary school.  Junk wax goodness in all it’s glory.

Onto the favored part of the stack: catchers.


  I really like the horizontal layout of this card, as it allows to see Varitek swinging for the fences, as well as showing another catcher.


While I don’t like the multi-player rookie cards, the theme of this cards deserved to make this post.

kendall mauer

Kendall and Mauer. . .  what’s not to like?


Even though Bench retired over 30 years ago, Topps and Panini still include him in most current releases, though I am not complaining.

carter carlton

I can think of no better way to wrap up this post than to show off these two cards.  I don’t really need to say anything else, do I?

Adam, thanks so much for your generosity.  I am almost ready to send another stack of cards your way as penance for my behavior.

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2 Responses to Trading with a Fly

  1. That Vaughn SportFlix card scanned pretty well. Those are hit-or-miss. Thanks for the trade!


  2. Julie says:

    excellent card selection! Expect nothing less from Adam! Great trade! I like the early 90s Diamond Kings too, completeing the insert sets for 93 and 94.


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