Begging Forgiveness and Setting some Goals

To all of those wonderful bloggers and traders who have sent me packages over the course of the past two months, I apologize for not posting about them.  With the holidays and going back to work, I lost track of time and wasn’t able to post anything.  I haven’t forgotten about your generosity.

This leads me to my next point; I need to set some goals for myself for this following year.  I have been reading on a lot of blogs that collectors and bloggers have set some specific goals for themselves, so I will be a drone and follow that same pattern.

2015 Collecting Goals:

1. Post about trades in a timely manner.  As I mentioned above, I have really fallen behind lately.  I think I will have to be selective in what I scan; I usually try to scan all cards (including duplicates and cards that don’t fit in my collection).

2. Update my want lists.  This is another of those time-consuming activities that will probably go ignored, but I must try something.  Some of it isn’t my fault.  I actually have a very detailed list of all of my Carlton Fisk cards, but WordPress doesn’t seem to read the excel spreadsheet that it is on.

3.  Create a list of 10 most wanted cards.  This will no doubt help with trades, especially for those generous individuals that have traded with me multiple times.

4. Concentrate on collecting those players that I actually like, and not those players I am supposed to like.  I have to be honest; I still collect as if I were 8.  Anytime I open packs of cards or receive trade packages, I hold on to players that are really good.  Just like an 8 year-old, I say to myself, “he is really good, I need to keep him”.  Currently, I have binders full of players that I don’t really like, so there will be a massive purge.

5. Focus on obtaining more Jason Kendall, Varitek, and Gary Carter cards. Let me be clear: Carlton Fisk is still my favorite player, and I would rather get one of his cards than one of anyone else.  However, the problem is that I have already obtained most of his base cards and a lot of his higher numbered cards, which leaves low numbered cards, relics, autos, and 2014 cards.  I constantly search ebay,, and justcommons for Fisk cards, which are usually out of my price range.  The same can be said about Johnny Bench and Buster Posey: their cards are too expensive.  But those three players listed above are usually affordable and plentiful and they are three of my favorite players of all-time.

6. Complete the 1972 and 1973 Topps catchers sets.  This is a very lofty goal and will require me to constantly update my wantlist and budget for these cards.  Luckily, between both years, there are only a handful of expensive cards (Fisk rookie, Bench cards, high numbered cards).

7. Add at least 2 current catchers to my PC.  I want to continue collecting, but with each passing year, cards of my favorite players aren’t released: Jason Kendall’s last card was released in 2011.  I do collect current Red Sox stars and a few other players (David Wright, Andrew McCutchen, Evan Gattis, Joe Mauer), but I want to begin appreciating current catchers as much as those who are retired.

8. Obtain signed baseball of Fred and Jason Kendall.  I know this is a unique goal, and one that doesn’t necessarily make sense, considering I don’t have any Fisk memorabilia other than that found on the cards.  But as I have researched and appreciated these two catchers, I have found that a baseball signed by father/son catchers would be amazing.  I don’t even know where to start with something like this, so perhaps fellow bloggers would be able to give me some advice.

Thanks for reading and hopefully I haven’t alienated anyone.

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8 Responses to Begging Forgiveness and Setting some Goals

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  2. shanediaz82 says:

    I have that same habit about scanning every card in a trade package, and an even crazier goal of scanning every card in my collection. As a result I’ve been “working on” a thank you post for a package Mark Hoyle sent me for probably a month or more now. Looking forward to reading your posts in 2015!


  3. Mark hoyle says:

    Get those lists together. I’m sure I can help in some way


  4. Wes says:

    Glad to see you back on. Looking forward to a great 2015 with many packages heading your way!


  5. Julie says:

    I completely understand falling behind with trade posts! I also feel compelled to scan all cards received but it’s become more difficult to do so. I came home from vacation on the 5th and found seven trade packages waiting for me! I am so grateful for these but am now seven posts behind! 🙂 Good luck with your goals! Thanks for being a great trading partner!


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