Haul from Hoyle: Christmas Edition

I am terribly behind in posting about the trade packages that have been sent my way recently.  Hopefully, within the next few weeks, I can get caught up on them.  If you have sent me cards recently, I didn’t forget about you.

A few weeks before Christmas (I told you I am behind) Mr. Hoyle sent me a couple of PWEs full of vintage goodness.  Mark was kind enough to send over another round of 1972 Topps catchers.  They are so amazing, that I don’t want to interrupt your viewing pleasure, so I will save my comments until the end.




72 rppl






I don’t have much that I can say that will add to the greatness of these cards.  I am really appreciative of the Darrell Porter Rookie card, though I despise the fact that he has to share it with two others.

In addition to sending over these ’72 Topps catchers, Mark also included 3 cards from another set that I am working on, ’73 Topps catchers.


The Fred Kendall card will become part of another series, so I will refrain from talking about it.  The more I see these ’73 cards, the more I appreciate the catcher logo in bottom right corner.

These are amazing cards and I am very much indebted to Mr. Hoyle.  Thanks Mark.

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2 Responses to Haul from Hoyle: Christmas Edition

  1. Mark hoyle says:

    Cards look a hell of a lot better in your scans. Enjoy the cards


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