French Fried Cards

One of the coolest things about blogging is the fact that I get a chance to interact with people all over the United States.  As crazy as it may sound, there are even some bloggers in other countries, including France.

Kevin, who has an interesting blog called The Card Papoy, lives in France.  One might think that he collects Washington National/Montreal Expos cards, as there would be a French Connection.  However, Kevin actually collects Toronto Blue Jays, which really is no different than someone living in Texas collecting Red Sox cards.

I sent a stack of cards overseas a few weeks ago, and Kevin sent back a healthy stack of cards.  Of  all the cards that he sent over, I have decided to show off those cards that will become part of my collection (those that aren’t duplicates, that is).


I love these Chasing History inserts.  I am slowly building my collection and really need to update my want list.  This is such an interesting card.  I can’t tell if it has been photo shopped or if Bob Feller is warming up, but as close as those fans are, I have to believe this wasn’t during a game.


As the Hall of Fame vote has taken place, my hope is that by showing off these Biggios, I am sending some good Karma his way.  I can’t believe that someone who has over 3,000 hits and was an All-Star at three different positions isn’t in the Hall of Fame.


Here is another of those players who should be in the Hall of Fame.  I miss the days of the Killer B’s, when Bags and Biggio were tearing up the National League.  Bagwell was one of the best all-around first basemen of the last 30 years, yet he is still waiting to get the call.

$_57Larkin 1

Barry Larkin, is already in the Hall of Fame, so perhaps showing these cards will bring luck to those waiting to be enshrined.  It is difficult to see but the card on the right is a parallel.  It has silver foil and says “Electric Diamond” along the bottom of the card.

larkin 2larkin

Here are a couple more Larkins via France.  Some players just look better on horizontally formatted cards; Larkin is one such player.

red sox pitchers

Schilling and Clemens, two great pitchers that have yet to be enshrined in the Hall of Fame.  Clemens will probably never get that call, though he deserves it.  Schilling, hopefully will get voted in someday.


Okay, if Pedro Martinez doesn’t get elected this year, my faith in the Baseball Writers Association of America will be lost.  Who am I kidding, I have never have faith in that particular body.

mauer bench

Kevin sent over a healthy stack of catchers, which included a number of my favorites, like Mauer and Bench. . .

Red Sox catchers

Saltalamacchia and Varitek. . .

catchers 3

Javier Lopez, Mike Piazza, and another gorgeous Flair card, this time of Ivan Rodriguez.  All three of these catchers had good careers, or in the case of Piazza and Pudge, Hall of Fame careers.  However, all three are suspected to be steroid users, so I’m sure they won’t get elected to the Hall of Fame.


Kevin was generous enough to send over this relic of Adam Dunn.  I never really followed his career, but anyone with the nickname “Big Donkey” deserves respect.  I love that red pinstripe.


Kevin also included this autographed card of Steve Holm, numbered 338/699.  I love the choice of photo, as it shows Steve putting in work at the hardest position on the field.

Kevin, thank you so much for these cards.  Sorry that this post turned into a rant about the Hall of Fame voting process.

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5 Responses to French Fried Cards

  1. Julie says:

    Kevin is a fun trader! And…Pedro made it! No messy, exploding head to worry about now!


  2. Kevin Papoy says:

    Thanks guys ! and I agree with you about the voting process. FYI, I collect Blue Jays cards because, well, my mom was born in Toronto and came to France when she was 20. I’ve never even been to Quebec !


  3. Mark hoyle says:

    Great variety of cards,. Biggio should get in. Like Matt said Pedro should get in first ballot. But of course he won’t. Kevin is great to trade with


  4. The voting process is a sham. Voters let ego and personal bias get in the way of the guys that should have been in all ready. If Pedro doesn’t get in first ballot my head may explode.

    Great cards from Kevin. I enjoy trading with him too. He has a great perspective on the hobby.


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