Christmas Giveaway from Texas Rangers Cards

About a month ago, Rob from over at Texas Rangers Cards, posted about a Christmas Giveaway.  Being the addict that I am, I immediately responded that I would be interested in any Red Sox cards that he would send my way.

Early last week, a bubble mailer arrived, from an unfamiliar address, and lo and behold, the cards that Rob promised were inside.  What he sent over was a very healthy dose of junk wax greatness.


First up are three Mo Vaughn cards.  For a stretch in the mid 90’s, Vaughn was one of the most feared hitters in baseball.  “The Hit Dog” was named A.L. MVP in ’95, so his cards are plentiful and come from a time when I wasn’t collecting.



Rob included a couple of Ellis Burks cards, both from Upper Deck.  Burks was a player that I really admired, and the only member of the Boston Red Sox Hall of Fame that I was able to watch in person.  During his tenure with the Rockies, I lived in Colorado and was able to attend a number of games at the old Mile High Stadium.


This card of Dwight Evans was somehow not in my collection, so it was appreciated even more when Rob included it in the generous stack of cards he sent over.  “Dewey” is one of those players that deserves to be in the Hall of Fame, but probably won’t ever be inducted.

Rob included an array of catchers who played for the Red Sox in the last 20 plus years.


Ryan Lavarnway was picked up off of waivers by the Dodgers just a few days ago.


Tony Pena goodness!


Every time that I see Varitek with a look like this on his face, one image comes to mind: the fight with A-Rod.


Whether it was luck, providence, or intentional, Rob sent over one of my all-time favorite cards.  Look at that cheesy goodness.  Thank you ’91 Fleer.

91 Clemens

Speaking of ’91 Fleer cheesiness, here is another from that Pro Visions insert.  While it isn’t as majestic as the Greenwell, it is a wonderfully awful card.  The other three are all from ’91 Score.

Upper Deck Clemens

These “Rocket” cards, from early ’90s Upper Deck are still sharp and clean cards.  I needed all of these cards, believe it or not.


Finally, Rob sent over some cards from yet another set I didn’t know existed.  These Ted Williams Baseball Heroes is from 1992 Upper Deck and consists of 36 cards.  Now I only need 33 more.

I don’t know if Rob is still giving away cards, but it would certainly be worth your time to head over to his blog or drop him an email.  He is a very generous person and a great blogger.  Thanks again Rob.

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2 Responses to Christmas Giveaway from Texas Rangers Cards

  1. shanediaz82 says:

    FYI that Heroes set has 36 cards but they’re not all Teddy Ballgame. I may have a few extras lying around, I’ll take a look before my next package to you…


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