This Bat isn’t Cracked; its’ broken!

Out of the blue, Julie, from over at A Cracked Bat, sent me a very nice Christmas card.  I wasn’t prepared for it, so it was like a bat to the back of the head.

Here is the actual Christmas card.

Julie's Card

Instead of the normal picture that would accompany such a greeting, Julie went with the non-traditional Christmas card, and included some pictures of total strangers.


2012 Panini Cooperstown #60, Ray Schalk

For so many reasons this card fits my collection.  First, it is a needed card in my quest to complete the set of ’12 Cooperstown.  Next, it’s of a catcher, and that catcher just happens to be in the Hall of Fame.  Three out of three ain’t bad.


2014 Panini Classics #76, Johnny Bench

Wow!  I have seen posts about these cards, but seeing this one in person is so much better.  For all of the hoopla about Topps products, any company would be hard pressed to make  a better card than this.  Now I must find some parallels.

Varitek relic

2007 UD Sweet Spot #SW-JV, Jason Varitek

Julie included this relic of Varitek, and what a wonderful Christmas present it was.  Currently, the Red Sox don’t have a great catcher, so I have been focusing on building my Varitek collection, and this card certainly helps.

Julie, thank you so much.  This was an unexpected surprise.

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2 Responses to This Bat isn’t Cracked; its’ broken!

  1. Julie says:

    I’m a bit behind due to nearly three weeks of travel. So glad you liked the cards!


  2. I received a great card from Julie too! That Schalk card is really cool.


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