1993 Cardtoons: Review

I am still sorting through boxes of cards that were recently given to me; it has been fun to look through cards that I never owned and never knew existed.  Case in point, 1993 Cardtoons baseball cards is a set that I knew nothing about.

This set is an unlicensed product that satirizes the game of baseball and the players.  Due to legal issues; the team names, logos, and player names all had to be changed, though they are recognizable.

While I didn’t technically break a box, I did get to open a couple of packs, as well as look through what was almost a master set, and it was a blast.  These cards are over 20 years old, but they still bring an absurdity to what has become a very series hobby.

What I like most about these cards is that the caricatures focus on an aspect of the player that is obvious, but does it in a way that parodies that player in a humorous way.

Here are some of my favorite cards from the base set:


#60, Ryne Sandbox (Sandberg)

Here is the back of the card:


Notice that the team name is “Scrubs” and the logo is a beat up bear.


#58, Cal Ripkenwinkle (Ripken)


#44, Mark McBash

There are only 95 cards in the base set, so the focus is on the biggest (funniest) players of the day.  However, there were some legends, Hall of Famers, and coaches included:


#12, Charlie Bustle (Pete Rose)


#46, Mount Mick (Mickey Mantle)


#41, Tommy Lasagna (Tommy Lasorda)

There are several inserts that are included with this set. Two of them I will post about in days to come.

One of the main themes of the entire set is the greed that swept through baseball during the strike.  As such, one of the inserts is all about the player’s contracts.


Big Bang Bucks #6, Kirby Plunkit (Puckett)

Big Bang Bucks consists of 19 cards that feature the highest paid players in the game at that time.  The image used on the front of the card is the same one used for the base card, just shrunk down to a head shot.


Grand Slam Etched Foil #1, Bo Action (Jackson)

The Grand Slam cards are a 10 card insert, are foil (sorry about the scan), and designed the same as the base cards.  The one difference is that these are parallels.  Those that have a foil card are not included in the base set.

While having no value, this set is really fun.  I enjoyed them for their irreverence and for capturing the way the fans felt about baseball during the strike.


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  1. Keith says:

    Interested in the Mets cards you may have that you left a comment on my blog about. You can reach me at kgilland01 at gmail dot com


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