Hope you like Leftovers

Maybe this has happened to you.  A blogger, follower, or fellow collector sends over a stack of cards, not a PWE, but a bubble mailer with an actual stack.  During all of the excitement and surprises, you begin to formulate future posts.  It would go something like this:

(sound of opening package) “Nice. . . oh man, I forgot about these cards.  No way, honey, he/she(Julie) sent an autograph.  Sweet” (said in a high-pitched voice that would be embarrassing for friends to hear).

Perhaps you don’t verbalize this next part, but just go with it. “I have got to get these scanned.  I could do one long post or I could break it up and do several posts.”  And right there is where my trouble began.

When Wes sent over a very nice selection of cards, I was elated.  As soon as I opened the package, my mind was working out the details of several posts.  It seemed logical.  After all , Wes had sent over pitchers, catchers, and hits of both.  So I scanned and posted, and all was well.  However, I had overlooked something.  In the excitement of looking at the cards and sorting, scanning and posting, one very important card was forgotten.

What makes it worse is that it was pointed out, in a round about way, by Wes himself.  After my last post, Wes politely asked if I had also received a certain card.  I knew that Wes’s question was genuine; he really wanted to know if he had included it.  So I went looking for it, found it and replied that he had, in fact, included it.

I felt bad; usually, I like to include in the posts as many cards as I can, especially when the stack of cards is manageable.

F Martinez

2006 Just Minors Justifiable #JF-25, Fernando Martinez

As bad as I felt when I realized that I hadn’t included it, I felt much worse when I turned it over.


Can you see it? Down there in the lower left corner?  See that sticker?


Are you kidding me?  A 1 of 1?  Wes sent me a 1 of 1, and I didn’t include it in any posts?  What a moron?  I should have my blogger’s license revoked.

Clearly, I hadn’t been paying close enough attention to this card when I went through the cards.  In all of the excitement about the other cards, I saw a card of prospect who didn’t recognize and set it aside in order to drool over the other cards, then forgot about it.

Truth be told, this is my only 1 of 1, and I want more, but if this is the way I treat the one that I own, I don’t deserve it.  I really should stick to ’90 Donruss, a product with a print run of a billion.

Wes, again, I am sorry for overlooking this fantastic card.  Please don’t hate me.



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3 Responses to Hope you like Leftovers

  1. wes says:

    No hate my friend! We are a ok!


  2. Jeff says:

    You must be punished. Send me all your Mantle rookies and stand in the corner.


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