Black Friday Shopping

After hitting the normal hotspots on Black Friday, my wife and I went to our LCS/Comic Book Shop where we took part in a wonderful sale.  I won’t get into how many comic books we bought, but suffice it to say that I have reading material for the next decade or so.

In addition to the comics, the owner let me sift through the leftovers of Panini’s Black Friday Sale, which was mostly stacks of unwanted 2014 Panini Golden Age.  I already have all of the cards from that set that I want, so I didn’t spend any time looking through those stacks.  However, there were some Box Toppers that were beside the base cards, and when this beauty caught my eye, I yelled, “Mine!”

Big Ted

5 x 7 Box Topper #2, Ted Williams

Aside from the fact that this is 5 x 7, it is as thick as a decoy card.  Obviously, the image leaves something to be desired, but anytime that I can pick up a card of Teddy Ballgame, I will.

Like previous Black Fridays, Panini released a set of cards to entice people to take part in their sale.  There were a couple of small stacks of these cards that had been left behind by customers, and I was lucky enough to look through them.

Trout KershawAltuve

#15, Mike Trout

#16, Clayton Kershaw

#18, Jose Altuve

These three are part of the base set.  There is nothing special about them, especially as I don’t collect Trout or Kershaw, but they are baseball cards.  I figured that I could pick them up to be included in future trades.


#3, David Ortiz

#48, Xander Bogaerts (423/499)

The Ortiz is part of the Panini Collection insert, and I quite like it.  I know that it is missing the logo, but the design is unique.  It is hard to tell, but the circles behind Ortiz are bat knobs.  These Black Friday cards allow Panini to experiment with their designs, and in this case it worked.  The Bogaerts card is part of the Rookie set, which are numbered to 499.  This particular card is 423/499, which just barely makes up for the boring design.

Overall, I was happy with these additions, especially as I got all of these for $1.  Now that is Black Friday shopping.

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2 Responses to Black Friday Shopping

  1. Julie says:

    Nice Teddy Boy! My box topper was Rodney Dangerfield. I can’t help but feel somehow I deserved it. If you should decide Altuve needs a home, I have room for him in my player collection! I didn’t pick up the BF packs at my LCS since I only collect baseball.


  2. shanediaz82 says:

    Great cards, love that Bogaerts!


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