Haul from Hoyle: Round 2

After combing through all of my cards, I was able to send off a stack of cards to one Mark Hoyle, in return for his vintage generosity.  No sooner had I sent the package( it seemed) than Hoyle sent me two more PWE’s.  I just can’t keep up with this guy.

pudgepiazza 3

1993 Score #507, Ivan Rodriguez

1993 Triple Play  #55, Mike Piazza

During the 90’s, these two catchers dominated in their respective league. Piazza was more of an offensive threat, while Rodriguez was the better defensive catcher.  I have always had a soft spot for the cartoon sketches put out by Score, though I wasn’t collecting in ’93.

carter collision

1992 Donruss Triple Play #5

What an amazing image.  Long before Gypsy Queen put out Collisions, this card captured the essence of the home plate collision.  Steve Finley looks like a human torpedo smashing into an aged Gary Carter.  I am sure that it was plays like this that made Carter hang up his cleats at the end of the season.

posey sticker

2014 MLB Sticker Collection

#254, Yadier Molina

#295, Buster Posey

Hoyle threw in some stickers from this year’s Topps MLB Sticker Album collection, and I love them.  Here is yet another set of oddball cards that I will have to start collecting.  Mark, are you sure you aren’t a dealer of some sort?


1972 Topps #154, Ted Simmons

Along with the modern catchers that Hoyle sent over, this beauty was sent along.  This makes 13 cards from the  ’72 Topps set that Hoyle has sent to me, all of them catchers.


1973 Topps #45, Ellie Rodriguez

When I have finished putting together the ’72 Topps set of catchers, this will be the next set on my list.  I am blown away by this card.  I like how the picture is framed, but more importantly, the miniature catcher in the corner, indicating the player’s position, may be one of the greatest of its kind.  Topps needs to bring that back for modern designs.


1973 Topps #73, Ed Herrmann

Ed looks inebriated in this picture.  His helmet is cocked to one side and almost covers his face.  But we have to be able to look beyond that. . . to the man in the purple pants.  I know it was the 70s, but that is a horrendous color.  This is the type of card that indicates how successful a player is; there are at least 3 random people in the background. I can’t see Topps using this kind of image for Johnny Bench.


1973 Topps #460, Bill Freehan

This is another great card from ’73 Topps.  I can’t say enough positive things about this card.  The action is great; Freehan is diving to make a tag at home plate, while some unknown assailant is doing what appears to be a butt drop.

Mark, you have done it again.  I have no idea what I am going to be able to send to you in order to even things out.  Rest assured, I will try.

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3 Responses to Haul from Hoyle: Round 2

  1. Mark hoyle says:

    No problem my friend. Just slowly build a pile of Sox dupes. I don’t buy any new cards so anything new helps. Always happy to help out a fellow Sox collector


  2. Kevin Papoy says:

    The ’73 Freehan and Rodriguez are absolutely amazing !


  3. Julie says:

    LOVE THE FREEHAN! Great cards Jared!


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