Grab Some Bench

Recently, I opened a pack of 2014 Topps Heritage and was once again disappointed in the cards.  In the past few months, every pack of Heritage has yielded me almost no cards for my collection. I didn’t set out to buy this pack, but it came in a repackaged product.  I didn’t need or want any of the cards (or so I thought), and the cards were put in a stack of unwanted cards.

Last night I was sorting through said stack for another trade package, when one of the ’14 Heritage cards caught my eye.


65 MLB JB2, Johnny Bench

Had I not turned this card over, I would have gotten rid of it.  But when I noticed the numbering, I saw it was JB2, which made me go searching for the other card, JB1.


65 MLB JB1, Johnny Bench

There are only four cards in this insert set, and Bench has two of them.  I don’t understand that line of thinking.  Yes, Bench was an amazing player and was part of the ’65 draft, but he was chosen #36 overall.  Nolan Ryan was also in that draft, but he only has one card in the set, as does Graig Nettles.  There are other notable players that were part of that draft that could have been included: Rick Monday, Rick Fosse, and Andy Messersmith, though I am not upset at having two modern Johnny Bench cards.


Here they are, side by side.  As talented as Bench was, I wouldn’t mind an entire set be focused on just him.  After all, if Derek Jeter has an insert, Bench should have one.

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