David Oritz Rookie

Recently, I was able to acquire a number of boxes full of baseball cards.  As most of them were from the late ’90s and early 2000s, my player collections have grown quite a bit.  I am still sorting through all of them, but one of the cards that I came across was rather exciting.  It is a rookie card of none other than Big Papi.


1998 Donruss Elite #99, David Ortiz

As excited as I was to own this card, I was equally disappointed with it.  First, Ortiz is wearing that dreadful Twins uniform.  I like to forget about those years.  I pretend he has always played for the Red Sox.  Second, this card may be the thinnest card that I have ever held.  It feels like a peeled sticker.  Ironically, the image used shows Oritz on the base path, which is an unusual image for Big Papi.  However, even with these faults, it is a rookie card of one of the greatest sluggers in modern baseball, so I am happy with it.

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One Response to David Oritz Rookie

  1. Julie says:

    Ortiz was much smaller back then, dang! Have fun sorting all those cards!


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