Crackin’ Bats and Takin’ Names

The generosity of my fellow bloggers is amazing; every time I open a PWE or bubble-mailer, I am blown away.  As a child, trading was extremely challenging; even close friends were unwilling to part with a card until they were sure they had gotten all they could from me.

It is the complete opposite with the trades I have made since starting this blog.  People just send cards that the think I will want.  I have received relics, autos, numbered, parallels, and rookie cards.  In addition to cards, people have sent stamps, figures, and stickers.  These items were sent because people thought I might enjoy them, and I do.

Julie, who has a great blog called A Cracked Bat, has sent me another stack of cards.  Not only are they great cards, but she has taken note of my idiosyncrasies as a collector and has sent me cards that fit perfectly with my pc’s. However, I am mad at her for sending me these two cards.

catchers '94

These two cards are from the ’94 Flair set.  I had never seen these cards before.  I had no idea they existed.  As a fan of catchers, how can I not love this set.  Neither of these two players is a particular favorite, but these are gorgeous cards.  I wasn’t collecting in ’94, but I was an avid follower of baseball, which means that a number of favorite players would be in this set.  Thanks a lot Julie.  Now I have even more cards that I will have to collect.

varitek 1

Julie was nice enough to send over a big stack of some of my favorite catchers, like Varitek.  I am so far behind in my Varitek collection, almost every card that I find in packs or trades is needed, including these two

varitek 2

and this one.

kendall 2kendall 1

Here are two additions to my miniscule collection of Jason Kendall.  He continues to be a favorite player.  My wife got me his book for my birthday, which means I get to learn even more about him.

posey a

2014 World Series Champion Buster Posey was included in the stack that Julie sent my way.  She sent over 5 Posey cards, and I needed 4 of them.

posey b

I am especially impressed with this Finest card.  I would never be able to afford buying a box of Finest, so this card was never on my radar.

posey c

Stadium Club has always had incredible images.  As it was a Hobby only product, this was yet another set that was going to be largely ignored.  Thankfully, Julie thought of me when she saw these cards.

fisk y

I may already have 4 or 5 copies of this card, but I don’t care.  Every Fisk card I have is somehow displayed in my collection.

fisk x

Five Fisks in one package equates to amazing.

mauer 2mauer 1

I miss Mauer being behind the plate.  His numbers aren’t as impressive now that he plays 1st base.  I don’t really care that much, though I know he won’t get as much recognition for his achievements.

boggs 1

Boggs is and will always be my favorite 3rd basemen, and these cards are nice additions to my collection,

boggs a

as are these

boggs 2

and these.

I don’t know how she did it, but somehow, Julie managed to send me a stack of one Gary Carter’s cards, and every one of them was needed.

carter 3

If we aren’t supposed to think about Star Wars when looking at these cards. . .

carter 6carter 7

then maybe we can think about the greatness of Carter’s career as seen through the lens of Upper Deck.

carter 8

The last three years of his career, Carter played for three teams: Giants, Dodgers, and Expos.

carter 9

Carter looks like a pitcher coming off the field in the Dodgers card.

carter 10

What a great card for the last year of his career.

Julie sent over a couple more Carters, but they deserve their own post.

What can I say, other than, Julie, thank you so much for the wonderful cards.

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2 Responses to Crackin’ Bats and Takin’ Names

  1. Julie says:

    wow – you’re mad at me?? Reap what you sow, Jared. 😉 93 and 94 Flair were beautiful issues. Still some of the nicest early premium sets. The Wave inserts were phenomenal those two years.


  2. I really wanted to open some Finest too. It has come down a ton in price, but still is high. My friends and I always pick a box a month to open, but usually stay within the $40-60 range. I don’t think it will get that low. The good thing is that it looks like Stadium Club may get there!

    Nice haul from Julie. She is great. I’m actually working on packages for each of you. I have the Salty auto already put aside for you, but waiting for a few more cards to fill the envelope.


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