Ready or Not, Here it Comes

I have been sorting and stacking cards for about a month, and I am finally getting a handle on it.  My wife has been very patient throughout the process; one might even say she has been encouraging.  The more I sort, the less mess there is in the book cabinet.

I am now ready to send off several stacks of cards, seven to be exact.


All seven of these will be mailed today.  If you write for the following blogs, be prepared for what will probably be an underwhelming assortment of cards:

Brad’s Blog

Remember the Astrodome

2×3 Heroes

The Lost Collector

A Cracked Bat

Baseball Dad’s All Tribe Baseball

In addition to these blogs, Mark Hoyle is receiving one of these mailers.

Most of the recipients have been waiting a long time, so hopefully these will be a pleasant surprise.

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4 Responses to Ready or Not, Here it Comes

  1. Mark hoyle says:

    Looking forward to its arrival.


  2. Julie says:

    those packages look anything BUT underwhelming! Looking forward to the surprises!


  3. Yes, very encouraging! The more that leave, the more room in my case. But in reality that means more room for MORE cards… It is a never ending struggle.


  4. It’s always nice to send cards to new homes. I’m always trying to do it, but it is an evil cycle. I tend to add more than I can get rid of.


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