A Couple of Oddballs

Along with the stack of catchers and vintage Red Sox, Mark also sent over a few oddballs that are great additions to my collection.  Some of them I have identified, but others remain a wonderful mystery.

Here are two stamps that came inside the envelope.  With a little research, I believe I can now classify these as part of the 1983 Boston Herald Red Sox stamp set.


#3, Luis Aponte

#21, Bruce Hurst

I am not familiar with Aponte, though Hurst has long been a pitcher that I have respected.  He was part of the Red Sox success in the mid ’80s.  I don’t know if Mark is trying to get me to become a philatelist, but it won’t work.  I already collect too many things.  But these stamps are so cool, I may have to find some more.

75 minis

#489, Cecil Cooper

#356, Rico Petrocelli

I don’t normally collect minis.  I find them an annoying addition to modern releases like Gypsy Queen and A&G, so aside from a few of my favorite players, minis don’t normally make it into my collection.  However, these two from the ’75 mini set, definitely have a place in my collection.


1992 Topps Kids #69, Mike Greenwell

Greenwell has long been a favorite player of mine.  It would be a redundancy to say that he is a sentimental favorite, as this hobby is about sentimentality, but his cards have always had a lot of appeal to me.  This card was a surprise in that I had never seen or heard about this set.  I don’t really like the design of the card; it is much too busy, and the color scheme is causing me to have a headache.  The card, however, fits nicely with my Greenwell collection.

fisk mini

1980 Kellogg’s 3-D Super Stars #45, Carlton Fisk

It should go without mention that anytime I get a new Fisk card, I am elated.  This is technically another mini card, but that doesn’t matter.  I was thrilled when I saw it.  What makes this card so interesting to me is the fact that Fisk’s position is listed as Catcher and Designated Hitter.  Including the 1980 season, Fisk had played exactly 60 games as a DH in his entire career.  I don’t know of another card that lists him as a DH, so for that reason alone, this is a unique addition to my collection.


1968 Topps Game #3, Carl Yastrzemski

I have a huge problem with this card.  The fact that Topps assigned Yaz a single is ridiculous.  With his power and ability to drive in runs, he should have been classified as at least a double.  Single my foot!  My appreciation for this card continues to grow.  Not only is it in great condition, but it is vintage, and it is an oddball card.  This is yet another set that I now have interest in acquiring.

I swear, Mark is some kind of dealer trying to get me hooked.  Well guess what Mark, it worked!  I must have more.

Thanks again, Mark.

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4 Responses to A Couple of Oddballs

  1. Mark hoyle says:

    The stamps are from the 82 Herald set. I think I can dig a few more Fisks for you.


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