2 PWEs from Mark Hoyle=Starting a petition

Recently, a person contacted me and offered to send some cards to me.  After a few emails, mostly of him trying to make sense of what I collect, the gentleman said he was sending a PWE my way.  I was excited, but to be honest, he had downplayed it so much that I wasn’t expecting to be blown away.  Don’t get me wrong, getting cards from anyone is great, but I thought it would be a few Red Sox or catchers that I could add to my collection.

Yesterday, 2 PWEs came in the mail from Mark Hoyle, an avid collector and non-blogger.  As soon as I opened them, I realized that I had underestimated the generosity of Mark.  I will have several posts about the cards that he sent, but this post isn’t about the specific cards that he sent.

This post is a call to arms.  It is a sort of petition that everyone needs to sign.  It will serve as a plea to Mark to start his own blog.  This guy is so generous and has so many cards, it is impossible to keep up with him.  However, if he had a blog, we could see what his needs are and find out more about his incredible collection.  If you agree, comment on this post or repost this. Perhaps if we get enough signatures, he will start a blog.

So as repayment for his generosity, I am trying to cause him more stress.  Take that Mark!

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5 Responses to 2 PWEs from Mark Hoyle=Starting a petition

  1. Julie says:

    Mark, I started blogging without any expectations and have been blown away with the generosity of other bloggers. You, having no blog and reaching out for a trade really touched me. Finding the time to blog can be a challenge. Maybe you could start with a want list and see where it leads… 😉


    • Mark hoyle says:

      Maybe someday I’ll jump in. In the mean time in the year and half I’ve been trading I’ve managed to pull off trades with about forty differant bloggers. Lots of great people in this community. Lots of great cards to still change hands


  2. Jeff says:

    YEAH!!!! What the hell, Hoyle??? Get blogging or else!


  3. jaredwillden says:

    Adam, your blog has been a great read so far, glad you took the plunge. By the way, I am shipping your package tomorrow; sorry for the delay.


  4. Mark! Start a blog! I won a giveaway from Nick at Dime Boxes at the beginning of this year and started Infield Fly Rule in response. I’m so happy to be a part of this community. You’ll love it.


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