Buster Posey is Fearless

While the Giants lost last night, I still am excited to see Buster Posey play in the World Series. My appreciation for him continues to grow, even though I am not a fan of the Giants. As such, he has become a player that I collect, at least through trades and busting packs. However, he is such a popular player, trying to buy singles is expensive. As of yet, I haven’t purchased any of his singles, nor do I have any of his relics or autos. But my collection of his cards continues to grow.

I picked up this card a while back, but never got around to posting about it. It is from a box of 2013 Panini Prizm that I bought some months back.


F1, Buster Posey

As I have said numerous times, Panini usually fairs well with catchers, as the lack of logo is negligible.  However, I don’t like the close up image of Posey on this card. It almost looks like he is a hockey goalie. Zooming out and focusing on the entire player would drastically improve this card.

Fearless is an insert that features, I’m guessing, “fearless” players. That title is a bit of a redundancy as anyone willing to stand in a batter’s box while a ball is traveling in excess of 95 mph is fearless. Therefore, the entire set should be called fearless. There you go Panini, for 2015 put out a set called Panini Fearless and show nothing but hitters getting hit or nearly getting hit.


When will these card companies start listening to me.

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One Response to Buster Posey is Fearless

  1. I like your Fearless idea.


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