Poker anyone?

Recently, I have opened a few packs of 2014 MLB Chipz, yet another product produced by Topps.  Unlike most of their non-sports card products, I actually like these.  I know that most are already familiar with this product, so I won’t wax poetic about them.  Suffice it to say, these are poker chips with MLB players and Mascots.


Giancarlo Stanton

Jason Kipnis

Jordan Zimmerman

These are the base cards, I mean chipz.  I like the border for obvious reasons.  The posed images are a little boring, but I do like the team logo in the background.  The back of these have no stats, information, or numbering; just the player name.


C.C. Sabathia

Jason Grilli

Here are  blue and red bordered parallels.  I actually prefer the base chipz, as they look exactly like baseballs.  However, these are easy to identify, and if one were to build a poker set, blue and red chipz would be necessary.  The Grilli one is also magnetic, and I would think that having magnetic chipz as parallels would create pack searching, if one were so inclined.


Justin Upton

Here is where things are a bit tricky.  There are red and blue border chipz, and then there are silver and gold parallels.  Therefore, I think this is a red-bordered, gold parallel.  Regardless, it looks great.


Somehow, I have beat the odds and pulled two Red Sox parallels.  While I don’t collect either of these players, per se, I do like the look of both.  Bogaets has the potential to be one of the great shortstops of the next decade.  Peavy, now playing for the Giants, was part of the 2013 World Series championship rotation.

These chipz are fun to collect and offer alternative to cards.

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4 Responses to Poker anyone?

  1. Keladry of Midelon says:

    you know it

    austin lawyers


  2. Hackenbush says:

    I bought a couple of packs. I like the substantial weight of the chips.


  3. These are kind of fun. Have you seen the auto versions? I didn’t know they existed until I found one on eBay. I’m not even sure they put autos in the 2014 version.

    By the way the Stadium Club break I’m in yielded another Salty auto. I’ll hold one back for you.


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