Yellow Fever: 1991 Fleer Carlton Fisk

1991 Fleer was in my wheelhouse.  For a nine-year-old who earned minimal money helping with a paper-route, the price of Fleer cards fit my budget.  Likewise, the vivid yellow border wasn’t a deterrent.  In fact, I rather enjoyed the bright colors.  So when Marcus over at all the way to the backstop, sent over a card from ’91 Fleer, I immediately recognized it just from glimpsing the border halfway through the stack.


#118, Carlton Fisk

Wonders never cease.  Over 20 years ago, I got this card and put it in my binder with all the other Fisk cards.  It was treasured and appreciated.  Having gotten rid of my collection, I now have the enjoyment of getting all of these cards back.  When I collected years ago, I had exactly two top-loaders and two penny sleeves.  I don’t remember who I kept in these, undoubtedly some early ’90s rookie cards that would fetch thousands today.  Never would I have thought that a 1991 Fleer card would be in a top-loader, but that is exactly what has happened thanks to Marcus.  Nestled in the middle of my growing Fisk collection sits this priceless card.

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One Response to Yellow Fever: 1991 Fleer Carlton Fisk

  1. Julie says:

    I have an itch to own this set. It has grown on me these past few months. Very unique!


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