MTV, Softball, and Mike Piazza

Realizing now that I have overlooked one of my favorite catchers for the better part of six months has made me feel terrible. Mike Piazza was one of the most dynamic players in the past 20 years and one of my all-time favorite players, but as of yet, I have not done a post over just Mike Piazza. Shame on me!

The first time that I ever saw Piazza play was actually not in a baseball game but on MTV’s Rock N Jock Softball game. I think it was in ’94 or ’95; either way, I was intrigued watching him play.


Ever since, I have collected his cards, so when I bought a box of ’93 O Pee Chee Premier, I was excited to pull a number of Piazzas.


#26, Mike Piazza

While I am not well versed in the history of O Pee Chee baseball cards, I am aware of the fact that for years O Pee Chee produced the identical or nearly identical cards produced by Topps. I don’t know the year that changed, but I do know that by ’93, O Pee Chee cards were vastly different.

This is a boring card. A solid white border with a very basic image and Piazza waiting for the umpire to throw him a new ball is not what I would call exciting. I would much rather have a picture of him at the MTV Rock N Jock Softball game.

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