1989 Scoremasters:Carlton Fisk

Here is a quick post, just to get things back on track.

There are certain sets of cards that have always eluded me, and I am not talking about high-end sets either.  I am talking about cards that were unobtainable when I was collecting as a child.  Today, these cards can be had for a few cents or the sets for a few dollars, but when I was younger, they were out of my league.

I remember seeing this set in a card shop when I was 8 or 9.  I didn’t want all of them, just a few choice players, but the owner wasn’t willing to sell singles, only the entire set.  To a little kid, with $3 in his pocket, these cards weren’t going to be part of the collection.

Therefore, when I saw this card on COMC.com, for under $.50, I had to pounce.


1989 Score Masters #9, Carlton Fisk

What needs to be said about this card?  Fisk is in full gear, helmet off, no doubt screaming for someone to throw him the ball.  Believe it or not, but this is a licensed card; it just so happens that this image doesn’t show any team markings.  Panini should take notes on this card.  The image is made to look like it has been painted, though it clearly is a photo that has been retouched.

This set, from my research, consists of 42 cards.  It came in a box that had images of the baseball cards on the box, and I have been told, though I have never seen proof, that Fisk’s card was on the outside of some of the boxes.  Every now and then, I see these sets for sale on ebay, though always for more than I am willing to pay.  In that regard, I am still standing here with $3 in my pocket, wishing I had enough to buy more.

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One Response to 1989 Scoremasters:Carlton Fisk

  1. They have a cool look to them. Catchers are about the only card Panini can do right because of the gear.


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