Giants vs. Cardinals: Face(mask) off

While my picks for the A.L. have been completely wrong, I have been 3 for 3 in my N.L. picks. Picking the winner of today’s game will be a difficult decision,  but once it has been announced,  odds are it will be a lock.
In previous posts, I already determined that the representative for the Cardinals would be Yadier Molina, and Buster Posey would represent the Giants. All that is left is for me to decide who wins in the head to head contest.
As often as these two teams have played in the post-season in previous years,  this match up is no surprise. In recent years, these teams have consistently been the best teams in the N.L., and it is no coincidence that the two best catchers in baseball play for them.
Looking at Molina and Posey in a head to head comparison does very little to help make a decision.  Both are outstanding catchers: Molina is better defensively,  while Posey is a bigger offensive threat.  Molina has played for longer, but it took him a few years to become dominant.  Posey,  on the other hand,  made an immediate impact. Both have suffered major injuries,  though neither is injury prone.
Making this choice came down to picking the catcher who is more dominant,  more valuable to his team. While it is a tough choice,  I am going with Buster Posey.

2010 Upper Deck #28, Buster Posey
For me, Posey has a bit more of the star factor. He has already been an MVP, and as such, he edges out Molina.

2014 NLCS Winner: Buster Posey’s Giants.

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