Royals vs. Orioles: Face(mask) Off

I am picking the winner of these playoffs game at a rate of 50%, so flipping a coin would be as successful and much quicker.  Just to recap:

A’s vs. Royals: I picked the A’s

Pirates vs. Giants: I picked the Giants

Tigers vs. Orioles: I picked the Tigers

Cardinals vs. Dodgers: I picked Cardinals

Angels vs. Royals: I picked the Angels

Nationals vs. Giants: I picked the Giants

I see a pattern here:

A.L. games I am 0 for 3.

N.L. games I am 3 for 3.

At this point, the rules are known, as are the players.  However, if one needs to, here is the post for the decision to go with Darrell Porter  as the Royals representative.  Here is the post for Matt Wieters.

Both of these catchers have similar statistics and accomplishments.  We can also look at the value that both catchers have/had for their teams.  However, as Wieters isn’t even playing at this point, this is a rather difficult comparison to make.

As my picks in the A.L. have been absolutely horrendous, this must seem like the kiss of death, but I have made a decision.  The catcher representing the team that will win the 2014 ALCS is Darrell Porter.


1979 Topps #571, Darrell Porter

I have to admit that this card is what put it over the top for me.  When I saw how ginormous his glasses are, I realized that Porter had to wear those behind his mask.  Anyone that can catch a major league baseball game and hit a baseball has earned my respect.

2014 ALCS winner: Darrell Porter’s Royals.

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One Response to Royals vs. Orioles: Face(mask) Off

  1. This has been a crazy postseason. Most of the favorites have been knocked off. The Orioles/Royals series is pretty evenly matched. Both teams are good defensively, have deep bullpens and are overall are just plain on fire. I’m rooting for former Pirate Steve Pearce.


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