Walking the Plank with Bob: Trade

I am the proud recipient of a stack of cards sent over from Matt, who has a wonderful blog called, Bob Walk the Plank.  He is a collector of all things Pirates, so I have a someone to send duplicates to.  I contacted him a few weeks ago, offering to trade, and before I could put anything together, he sent over a nice collection of numbered cards.

Bench mini

2013 Gypsy Queen #300, Johnny Bench

This one is a black version of the mini card, numbered 035/199.  I don’t spend a lot of energy collecting minis.  If I happen to pull a nice one that fits in with my collection, I usually keep it, but I don’t actively seek them out, so this was a nice surprise as it was never on my radar.  It is a nice card that fits in with my growing collection of Johnny Bench.

Posey Gold

2013 Topps Update # US73

I almost wrote a post centered on just this card.  With the Giants playing in yet another NLCS, Posey’s status continues to increase.  This is a great looking card; Posey is mid-swing, completely focused on an out-of-focus baseball.  This is the Gold version numbered 0972/2013.

Ortiz and Pedro

2004 Donruss throwback Threads #30, David Ortiz

2004 UD SP Authentic #48, Pedro Martinez

Matt included a few Red Sox players along with the catchers that he sent over.  These cards feature two of the most important Red Sox players in the last 25 years.  The Ortiz card is number 88/100, and the Martinez is 7/99.  Of the two, I like the Martinez card more, as the background features a baseball field, though not Fenway Park.


2011 A&G #AGR-JS, Jarrod Saltalamacchia

Finally, Matt included this “little” beauty, a relic of Salty, which is the first relic for my Saltalamacchia collection.  The fact that he is in his Red Sox uniform makes this card even better.

I have officially walked the Plank; thanks Matt.

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One Response to Walking the Plank with Bob: Trade

  1. That is just the tip of the iceberg. I’m sure we’ll have a lot more deals in the future. Glad you liked the cards.


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