Trading with A Cracked Bat

Recently, I received some cards from another blogger.  She, like myself, is new to the blogosphere, but that doesn’t keep her from having a great blog, A Cracked Bat.  I came across it a few weeks ago, and as she collects Detroit Tigers, I offered to send her my unwanted stack of Tigers.  Before I had a chance to send any her way, she had sent me three team bags full of Red Sox and catchers.  I will post a more comprehensive recap of those cards, but first I wanted to show the creme de la creme of that package.

Here is a collection of 2014 Topps Triple Threads that showed up at my door:

'14 TTT P and B

# 99, Buster Posey

#29, Johnny Bench

Both of these cards are the base versions, but are still great looking cards.  While they lack any indication of playing catcher, the images used on both of these cards are great.  Posey and Bench are/were offensive threats, so these images capture the power in their swings.

'14 TTT M and O

#78, Joe Mauer (019/325)

#91, David Ortiz (013/325)

Julie was generous in not only sending some high-end cards, but in sending the Amethyst parallels as well.  Mauer is no longer a catcher, but I still collect his cards when I can.  Being a fan of the Red Sox means that Oritz is a must have as far as collecting goes.  What I like about putting these images side-by-side, is the contrast in offensive styles: Mauer hits for high average, while Ortiz is a power-hitter.  Both have great swings that translated well to these cards.

'14 TTT G

Evan Gattis

In one of her recent posts, Julie showed off some 2014 Triple Threads that she was willing to part with.  In order to get this card sent my way, I had to jump through a lot of hoops: I posted a comment that said, “I like that Gattis card.”  Can you believe it?  Four words in a comment section got me a Unity Single Jumbo Relic Sepia parallel of one of my favorite current players.  Numbered 09/27, this is the first and, so far, only relic of “El Oso Blanco” that I own, and it is all thanks to the generosity of Julie.

Tomorrow will see part two of this stack of cards that she sent me.


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3 Responses to Trading with A Cracked Bat

  1. Julie says:

    I am so sorry for the time it’s taken to blog your also generous additions to my collection – and to read your posts. So glad you enjoyed the cards! Hate to see them just sitting in boxes, friendless.


  2. Some really nice Triple Threads! I just got a nice assortment of cards from Julie too.


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