Giants vs. Nationals: Face(mask) Off

Today’s game between the Giants and Nationals offers a unique problem. Trying to decide the catcher to represent the Nationals team is next to impossible, if I am to follow my own rules.

1. For a player to be eligible, he must have played for the team a minimum of 3 years.

2. Only the stats and accomplishments of his tenure with that team will be looked at.

3. If the team has moved cities, previous locations will not be allowed. Players are only eligible that played at the current location.

Washington Nationals: If there was ever a time to break these rules, now would be it. I would love to have Gary Carter represent this team, but as he played when the club was in Montreal, I have to ignore all of his accomplishments. Once we eliminate those players who are ineligible, we are left with only a few catchers to choose from, and none of them had much of an impact in Washington. I could have thrown a dart, flipped a coin, or done eeny-meeny-miney-moe to determine the Nationals representative.   The irony is that the just like the catcher representing the Washington franchise, the politicians in Washington could be chosen the same way.


2005 Topps Heritage #25, Brian Schneider

Brian Schneider played for Washington from 2005-07. In that time he batted .253/.325/.358, with 20 HR’s and 153 RBI’s. During his time in Washington he never won any awards. Yes, this is the catcher that will represent the Nationals for this  face(mask) off. The club doesn’t have enough of a history to allow for a decent crop of players. However, I can’t bend the rules, so we are left with a catcher whose career in Washington only lasted 3 years.

Buster Posey has already earned the right to represent the Giants, so the decision comes down to Brian Schneider and Posey, and I really don’t think it is much of a choice.

NLDS Winner: Buster Posey’s Giants.

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