Angels vs. Royals: Face(mask) Off

The other game tonight features the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim and the Kansas City Royals. By now we have become familiar with the rules, so let us get right to the point. Which catcher will represent the Angels in this contest?

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim: If we could count both of the Molina brothers as one, then we would have a winner. However, while both were part of the 2002 World Series Champion Angels, neither had the kind of numbers with the Angels to be included in the discussion. Next, we will have to skip over Lance Parrish, who could be considered here again, after losing the Detroit decision. Unfortunately, his limited time in L.A. doesn’t stand up against the catcher who will represent the Angles in this contest: Bob Boone.


1986 Donruss #230, Bob Boone

There was never really an argument to be made, as far as I am concerned. As soon as I decided to do this contest, I knew that Boone would represent the Angels. His career and accomplishments are just too strong to be overlooked. Hitting .245/.297/.323, with 39 HR’s and 318 RBI’s does not seem like the kind of career that would allow for Boone’s place in this contest, yet we have to look beyond the offensive production to see the true value of his career with the Angels. From 1982-88, Boone caught a minimum of 120 games a year, earning 4 Gold Gloves and one trip to the All-Star game. His defense and durability were incredible, especially when we consider that in ’82, Boone was 34 years-old. While with the Angels, he never made it to the World Series, but twice the Angels were in the ALCS. His numbers from those two series were fantastic: .368/.390/.526, 2 HR’s and 6 RBI’s.

The Royals representative, Darrell Porter, was previously selected. All that remains is determining which of these two catchers was the more important to his team. While I would rather see the Royals win, Bob Boone deserves to move on to the next round.

My pick for the ALDS: Bob Boone’s Angels.

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2 Responses to Angels vs. Royals: Face(mask) Off

  1. That was another crazy game last night. The Royals might be the blessed team this post season.


  2. I hope you are wrong!


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