The Incredible Hulk: “Days of Rage”

Welcome back for another edition of Thor’s Day Comics.  When last we heard, Hulk had just defeated The Absorbing Man, saving himself, the world, and the Avengers.  We jump ahead almost 40 issues, to a time when Hulk is no longer defending the world or the Avengers.


The Incredible Hulk #300, “Days of Rage”

Having recently been the victim of psychological manipulation, Hulk now controls the dualistic entity of Bruce Banner and the Hulk, whereas Banner had previously been in control, or was at least reachable on a subconscious level.  With his rage growing, Hulk begins destroying the city and the agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., who have gathered to stop him.  The carnage of his attack is noticed by Daredevil and Spider-Man, who do their best to stop the Hulk and save the citizens.  One by one, a number of superheroes try to stop the Hulk: Human Torch, Iron Fist, and Power Man; only to be tossed aside by the green behemoth.

Finally, the Avengers arrive on the scene, trying desperately to quell the rage inside the Hulk.  However, the rage can’t be stopped, and Hulk defeats the Avengers, until only he and Thor remain.  As they battle through the city, destroying everything in their path, Dr. Strange arrives and puts into action his plan to save the world from the Hulk, and at the same time, save the Hulk from himself: placing the Hulk in a different dimensional realm.

This was one of those great issues that saw the Hulk smashing everything in his path.  Banner never made an appearance, which means it was nothing but non-stop action.  No, it didn’t have a great storyline.  To compare it to a movie, this was like a Michael Bay action movie.  Not a very challenging read, but entertaining nonetheless.

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One Response to The Incredible Hulk: “Days of Rage”

  1. shanediaz82 says:

    Love that cover art, cool stuff.


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