2004 Fleer Greats of the Game: Rick Sutcliffe

Here is the third card from the ’04 Fleer Greats of the Game set that I have collected.  Technically, I do have one autograph from this set and two Fisks, but those are for player collections.  Out of 145 cards, I have only 3, so things aren’t looking good.


#144, Rick Sutcliffe

 The border of the card looks like a picture frame with a great image of “The Red Baron” in the middle of his delivery.  Sutcliffe played for five major league teams, but out of all of them, he should be remembered for his days with the Cubs.  Fleer did very well with the action image and deserves credit for choosing the team where Sutcliffe had the most success.

While Sutcliffe has never been a player that I actively collected, he did have an above average career: Rookie of the Year (N.L.), Cy Young Award (N.L.), 3x All-Star, Roberto Clemente Award winner, and 2x Comeback Player of the Year.  While Fleer’s checklist for this set is often criticized, I think it is fair for Sutcliffe to be included.

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