2011 Topps- Jason Kendall

Here is the most recently released Jason Kendall card that I own.  In fact, this may the last card Topps produced of Jason Kendall.  Released in early June of 2011, Series 2 came out after Heritage, which was released in early March.


#472, Jason Kendall

This card was a welcome addition to my collection.  Kendall was never known for his offense, nor did he have a strong arm.  It was his defense that set him apart from other catchers.  This image in this card is an excellent depiction of one of my favorite catchers.

At the same time, there is a sense of desperation in this photo.  Taken in 2010, this picture shows Kendall waiting for a ball to come down, which captures how his career ended.  In late ’10, he hurt his shoulder and was out for the entire 2011 season.  Waiting for the time that he could return to the field, Kendall played just two minor-league games in ’12, then called it quits.

I am trying to build up my collection of Kendall, so if you have any extras, please send them my way.

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One Response to 2011 Topps- Jason Kendall

  1. I have a ton of Jason Kendall cards. Email me bstryker81@gmail.com and I will send them out to you. Feel free to send whatever you like in return.


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