1988 Fleer: Carlton Fisk

Here is another card that I remember having in my collection as a child. 1988 Fleer was not a set that I actively collected, but somehow I had this card. It was in my binder, with the softest corners imaginable. As a child, my cards were put in the binders, 18 to a page. In order to really examine this card, I had to pull it out. This card was one of those that spent more time out of the page than in.


#397, Carlton Fisk

This image of Fisk standing over the plate is an intimidating image. At 6’ 2” and weighing over 220 lbs. Fisk was massive for a catcher. “Pudge” was such a unique catcher in that he played the position for so long, after enduring two major injuries. He would have been 40 when this picture was taken, yet as he gets ready for a collision, he looks almost immortal.

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