The Incredible Hulk #261

For the second installment of the Thor’s Day comics, I have decided to focus on a book that is very familiar to me.  For two years, I saw this comic everyday.  I don’t mean that I saw the cover or that I read it everyday; I mean that I saw the entire book, panel by panel laid out on my wall.

I did something unforgivable to most comic book fans; I took two issues of this particular book, separated it page by page, laminated it, and put it on the wall of my classroom.  I know how horrible that sounds to some of you, but for myself, and a number of my high school students, it was very neat.  And if you can picture it, I actually had high school kids reading something that wasn’t assigned, so go easy on me, please.


#261, The Incredible Hulk

I really enjoyed this issue as it pits the Hulk against the Absorbing Man, and therefore requires some plan of attack on the Hulk’s part.

Banner has washed up on the shore of an island.  The Absorbing Man sees him and hides him underground, fearing that Banner is somehow tied to the Avengers.  AM is on the island for the purpose of hiding from the group.  Fearing their arrival, he takes Banner underground.  While trying to escape, Banner is caught by AM and an epic fight takes place.  AM has the ability to absorb force and mass, so in the midst of the fight, he absorbs the island in an attempt to conquer Hulk and the world.  It is then that Hulk uses some strategy and throws him into the ocean, which causes AM to become an island.

Hulk has always been my favorite comic book character.  I won’t call him a hero, as he is often at odds with the world.  What endears him to me is that he is a combination of two of the most influential literary characters: Frankenstein’s monster and Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde.

Tune in next week to find out what  happens next on THOR’S DAY COMICS!

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One Response to The Incredible Hulk #261

  1. shanediaz82 says:

    So random! My wife did a set of comic book/graphic novel lessons and assignments for her high school English class last year and they loved it. Great idea with the laminating.


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