1989 Donruss: Curt Schilling

I was watching ESPN the other night, and I caught the end of the interview between Karl Ravech and Curt Schilling. Schilling has been fighting cancer, and as he stated in the interview, he has lost 80 pounds and most of his strength. It was sad to see one of my all-time favorite pitchers looking so worn at only 47 years old.

After watching the interview, I went through my Schilling collection, which isn’t nearly as complete as I would like. I noticed that I only had one Schilling rookie card, so I went looking online for others. I was shocked when I found that he only has one rookie card. By that, I mean that in 1989, his rookie year, only one of the major companies featured him on a card, Donruss.


#635, Curt Schilling

In 1990, Fleer had Schilling in the Update product, and Score did list him as a rookie on this card:


#581, Curt Schilling

However, the 1989 Donruss card is the only one considered a true rookie card. I find that to be amazing.

This card, however, is very unappealing. The image is grainy, the border clashes with the uniform and Schilling looks like he just got up from a nap. The only solace I can take, is that when Schilling is inducted into the Hall of Fame (which should have already happened) this card will be worth a fortune. Right?

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