1986 Topps: 3rd Entry

Here is a card that normally would no business on my list of favorites.  It ranks amongst my favorites for only one reason, the expression on Rod Carew’s face makes this one of best cards from 1986 Topps.


#400, Rod Carew

I can’t be positive, but it appears to me that Carew is looking back at the umpire, with nothing but incredulity on his face.  I imagine that the umpire called a strike on what should undoubtedly have been a ball.  This image is priceless, and captures an entire story with one image:

Ump: “Strike!”

Carew: “What!? C’mon man, you know that wasn’t a strike”

Ump: “Sorry Rod, it was a strike.”

Carew: “You know I have over 3,000 hits, right?”

Ump: “Geez Rod, I’m sorry but I can’t change the call.  Tell you what, next pitch will be called a ball, ok.”

Carew: “That’s right.  Next time, you’ll know, if I swing it’s a strike, if not it’s a ball.”

At this point in his career, Carew had a lifetime batting average of .328, so there was no person better suited to call strikes and balls than Rod.  I have no doubt that the ump was wrong on this one.

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One Response to 1986 Topps: 3rd Entry

  1. shanediaz82 says:

    I have to say, you’re choosing some really great cardboard to showcase from this set. ’86 Topps is far from my favorite of the decade, but that being said I’m absolutely a fan of all three cards chosen so far!


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