2013 Topps Archives-Gary Carter

While looking for cards to include in recent trade packages, I came across a card that had no business being anywhere, other than my binder.  Somehow, this 2013 Topps Archives Gary Carter nearly slipped through my fingers.  Shame on me!

Gary Carter 2

#83-GC, Gary Carter

This is from the ’83 Topps All-Star insert set.  It really doesn’t do anything for me, which is probably why I didn’t pay any attention to it the first time I saw it.  While I do like the fact that Carter is wearing the Expos uniform, the picture itself is very dull.  I want to see Carter in a mask or hitting a ball or wearing catcher’s gear.  At the very least, his trademark curls would be nice.  This is just a boring picture, and it is nearly identical to an earlier Topps card, though not from ’83.


This card, from ’82 Topps, is almost the same card.  The building in background, the straight hair, the uniform, and helmet are all the same.  Give the ’82 Carter a bat to hold, and it’s the same card, and it wouldn’t impress me.

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