2004 Fleer Greats of the Game-Reds Legends

Thanks to Chris over at Nachos Grande, I have two Reds legends to add to a very small collection of 2004 Fleer Greats of the Game:

Nachos-Greats of the Game

# 69, Ted Kluszewski

#40, Tony Perez

This may be my favorite set from the years that I was away from the hobby.  I love the raised border and the inclusion of complete career stats on the back.  The images themselves do suffer a little from the posed-portrait bug, but aside from that, this set is amazing.

This image of “Big Klu” is unique when compared to today’s players.  The sleeveless jersey  could only happen in that era, which is unfortunate.  How great would it be to have players modify their jerseys as they see fit?  Kluszewski was a power-hitter to the nth degree, and this card does a good job capturing that.

The Perez card, on the other hand, is bland.  I think that Fleer missed an opportunity to use a great action image of the Hall of Famer and key member of the Big Red Machine.  This is, however, a card that immediately went into the binder.

Thanks again, Chris.

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