My LCS has created a monster

For those that have followed this blog for a few months, you know that my LCS recently reduced its sports cards inventory. The owner still buys a few boxes of each new Topps product, but mostly he concentrates on comic books.  I have been going to that shop for about 2 years now, and I just realized the devious genius that is the owner.  For two years he cultivated a relationship of friendship with me, paying special attention to my wants.  His generosity has been documented in former posts.  But I realized that was all a guise.  He saw me as prey and he has now pounced.

I am a collector.  Aside from cards, I collect books, movies, LPs, and now comics.  Yes, I have fallen victim to the collecting bug once again.  Over the past few visits to Collector’s Den, I have acquired a growing pile of comic books.


I really only have two interests when it comes to collecting comic books.  The 1st is The Incredible Hulk.  As long as I can remember, the Hulk has been my favorite comic book character.  For reasons that will be examined later, he has fascinated to me.  I can’t help but grab a handful of books for $1 a piece.


My other interest is Thor.  His origins and storylines have so appealed to me, that my son is named after him.  I now collect these comics in hopes that when he gets old enough, my son will want to take over this collection.

Starting this thursday, or more accurately, Thor’s day, I will have a post every thursday about my growing comic book collection.

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2 Responses to My LCS has created a monster

  1. jaredwillden says:

    Thanks Shane. I never really collected either, but somehow, that darned owner was able to get me to buy them. I am almost done with the post about your trade package, btw.


  2. shanediaz82 says:

    Cool I’m not a comic book buy myself but as a collector can certainly see the appeal and the reason people get into it. I’ll be enjoying that hobby vicariously through your Thursday posts!


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