Another great Trade package just arrived

My second trade package recently arrived, courtesy of Shane over at Shoeboxlegends.  Trading with Shane is a challenge, but the dividends have paid off in full.  Shane is a Red Sox collector, which means that he gets a lot of duplicates from me.  In return for the cards that were sitting around collecting dust, Shane sent a stack of great cards my way.


I think that almost every one of these cards found a home in my binders.

shoebox legends 3

2013 Topps #227, Jose Altuve (Red Target Parallel)

2001 Topps Finest #106, Jeff Bagwell

2006 Fleer Ultra #12, Craig Biggio

1992 Fleer Ultra #199, Craig Biggio

Here are four splendid Astros cards.  I feel comfortable saying that the torch has been successfully passed from Biggio to Altuve.  No, I am not saying that Altuve is a future Hall of Famer, but he is a great 2nd baseman, and the Astros are lucky to have him. Look at how low Biggio is on that ’92 Fleer Ultra.

 shoebox legends 7

2005 Upper Deck Pastimes Pennants #89, Willie Stargell

Here is a great card of one of my favorite Pirates of all-time.  It is a little foreign for me to see Stargell this young.  His most memorable seasons came later in his career, so when I think of him, he is part of the late 70’s Pirates, having his MVP year.  However, this card is great image of a young “Pops.”

shoebox legends 5

2014 Topps #259, David Ortiz (Red Foil parallel)

2008 Topps Heritage #392, Mike Lowell, Kevin Youkillis, Dustin Pedroia

I know the Red Sox are having a terrible year, but the pain has been assuaged by the memory of ’13.  For all those who have nothing but negativity for “Big Papi” I will say just one thing, .688.  Ortiz hit .688 during last year’s World Series.  The ’08 Heritage card brings back some great memories.  Lowell was a favorite player of mine at the time, and I miss having a solid, run-producing 3rd baseman.

shoebox legends 6

2008 Upper Deck Baseball Heroes # 33, Carl Yastrzemski (Grey parallel)

Here is a numbered card that Shane sent my way; this one is numbered 034/399.  I have two other versions of this card, which means I only have about a dozen more to go to complete the rainbow.  There will never be such a talented and loyal player in Boston again.  Yaz was one of the all-time greats, and this is a much appreciated card.

shoebox legends 1JBshoebox legends JB2

2012 Topps A Cut Above # ACA-20, Johnny Bench

2010 Topps History of the Game #HOTG 19, Johnny Bench

Here are two additions to my growing Johnny Bench collection.  The more cards of his I obtain, the more I want.  He is quickly becoming a favored player in my collection.

Finally, Shane sent over a number of 2013 Topps Chasing History inserts, 7 of which found a good home in my growing collection.

shoebox legends 2

2013 Topps Chasing History:

CH-47 Willie Mays

CH-23 George Brett (Gold Foil parallel)

CH-12 Evan Longoria

CH- Ian Kinsler

shoebox legends 1

CH-46 Hanley Ramirez

CH-20 Reggie Jackson

CH-6 Rod Carew

I absolutely love this insert.  At 150 total cards over the 3 sets, I have a long way to go, but I want to complete this set.

Along with a great blog, Shane has proven to be a wonderful and generous trading partner.

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One Response to Another great Trade package just arrived

  1. shanediaz82 says:

    Glad you liked everything, I’ve been scanning in the cards you sent and will have a post up by this weekend!


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