What happened to Nolan Ryan’s face?

Normally I don’t spend a lot of time worrying about minis.  I don’t particularly care for them, namely because they are a pain to store.  Aside from Carlton Fisk, I don’t seek out minis for my player collection; however, if I get one in a trade or pull one from a pack, I will keep it.  As such, when I recently acquired a 2014 Panini Golden Age mini of Nolan Ryan, I wasn’t so much annoyed as concerned.  Something has happened to Nolan Ryan’s face:


#147, Nolan Ryan ?

It is difficult to see, but this card supposedly shows Ryan playing for his high school team, Alivin H.S.  However, something terrible either did happen to his face, and he has since recovered, or it recently happened and Ryan is now in hiding.


Upon doing some research, I have found that currently, Nolan Ryan is in great health and works for the Astros, and is not suffering from some horrible facial injury.

How is this card supposed to be received as a collector? This is a horrible job airbrushing, or whatever one wants to call this.  In name only is this a Nolan Ryan card.  If I were an avid Nolan Ryan collector, I might hold on to this, or in if I were a set builder.  But as it stands, I don’t know what to do with this card.  Any thoughts?

*Update: I have found a picture that may have been used by Panini to create this monstrosity of a card.


From the angle of his arm and the shading of the uniform I would say that this is probably the picture that was used.  The image on the left is not a bad one; the shadow across the face doesn’t take away from the vibrance of the picture.  Panini would have been off leaving the shadow across his face rather than trying to airbrush it out.  And the background of the photo would have looked great on this card.

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One Response to What happened to Nolan Ryan’s face?

  1. Yikes. That’s pretty bad. It’ll have a welcome home with me if you decide you want to part with it. Curse my obsessive collecting. (Hmm. That sounds like a post idea)


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