A Bit of a Collecting Dillema. . .

Over the last two weeks I have received several emails about what cards I collect.  I have tried as best as I can to explain my collecting goals and focus.  Admittedly, I am kind of odd in that I don’t really set build, nor do I team collect.  I have several teams that I follow: Mets, Reds, Pirates, and Astros.  And the Red Sox are my favorite team.  However, I don’t have the inclination to collect teams sets of any of them.

I collect a number of players, which I have listed previous to this post.  Clearly, I have an affinity for catchers, though I don’t seek any and all catchers in my collection.

Gary CarterCollisions at the plateCF Field G

I have decided to put together 3 inserts: 2013 Topps Chasing History, 2013 Gypsy Queen Collisions at the Plate, and 2012 Panini Cooperstown Field Generals.  In addition I am trying to put together a set of 2004 Fleer Greats of the Game, though I only have 3 cards.

jimmie fox

I have rambled on like this to put forth a question or two:  Should I look to expand my collection to include a particular set?  The problem is that I like to trade baseball cards.  Heck, my brothers and I would trade the same cards to each other 12 times in 2 weeks.  It is one of the things I like most about the hobby.  My current problem is that I have sent cards to other bloggers, and in their generosity, they have tried to find out what they can send back.  When I give them my list, I know that most of what I collect won’t be sitting around their respective houses.  So I return to my question.  Should I begin collecting a specific set?

My next question is based on the assumption that you said something other than, “No, collect what you want and don’t worry about anyone else.”  It is simply, should I focus on a set that has some particular meaning for me?  As most of you know, I recently put together the ’86 Topps set, as that is my wife’s birth year.  My birth year is ’82, but I don’t like any of the ’82 designs.  So where do I go next?  I have no sentimental connection to any year previous to ’82, as I wasn’t around.  I then look at the only two years that make any sense: ’59 and ’61.  These are the years that my father and mother were born.

With that in mind, the question then becomes which set do I focus on: ’59 or ’61?  I don’t have a single card from either of these sets, but I am familiar with both.

red sox team

1959 Topps is an incredible set that would be great to build.  But the expense of that kind of endeavor would be beyond my budget.

red sox team 2

1961 Topps is another iconic set that would be a blast to build, but the same issues arise.

So this is my collecting dilemma.  I feel like I should maybe expand the focus of my collection: the 2004 Fleer Greats of the Game is the set I most want to build but it doesn’t seem to popular.  If I do collect vintage or any sets for that matter, I want some kind of connection to that year.

I would love to get some feedback on this issue.  Just leave a comment or you can email directly if you so desire.

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3 Responses to A Bit of a Collecting Dillema. . .

  1. shanediaz82 says:

    Maybe a set from 2004, since that’s the year the Sox broke the curse? I guess 2007 or 2013 for same reason. Or maybe go with 2012 to commemorate the Bobby Valentine debacle 😉


  2. How about the years your children were born??


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