1992 Whitehall Collection-Cy Young

Here is an interesting card I recently got from one of those Fairfield Cubes. It is from a company and set that I had never heard of: 1992 Whitehall Collection.


Cy Young
Normally, I wouldn’t bother posting about some random card from the early ’90s.  However,  this card is interesting for me in that Cy Young spent several seasons playing for the Red Sox.  Secondly,  this card is a hologram,  though it doesn’t show up in this scan very well. But what really sets it apart is the information on the back of the card.


As I have already mentioned,  there is no card number, but there is a number that does give me pause,  150,000. This card is a limited edition; there are only 150,000 copies.  I can almost hear a pitchman on an infomercial yelling at me to act quickly. This is a farcical number of cards, limited or not. I highly doubt that Topps produces that many copies of each base card for their flagship product. In the ’90s,  when cards were at the peak of popularity,  this probably seemed to be special. But that was then and this is now.
The other key aspect of this card is the nickname they gave Cy Young, “Foxy Grandpa”. That is kind of weird,  if you ask me. The writeup gives details of his entire career,  but doesn’t focus on his playing as an older man. When I think of the term Foxy Grandpa,  which is a creepy to think about, I think of George Segal in the sitcom the Goldbergs, not Cy Young.

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