2012 Panini Cooperstown Gary Carter

My appreciation for Gary Carter is such that I could devote months of posts to him and his legacy. Often he is overlooked in the discussion of the  best catchers of all-time.  In a career that spanned 3 decades, Carter was able to leave an indelible impression on the game of baseball.

One of my favorite things about Carter is that he was just the 2nd player to be  team captain for the New York Mets. He only played for the Mets for 5 seasons, and during 2 of them, he was the Captain.

On the sixth ballot,  Carter was finally voted into the Hall of Fame. To honor his induction into the Hall, let’s look at a product that focuses exclusively on members of that brotherhood: 2012 Panini Cooperstown.


#32, Gary Carter
As much as I appreciate this product,  this is a very boring image. It reminds me of high school baseball individual photos.  He has one knee up, elbow on the knee. Heck, give him a football in his other arm and it’s my high school picture. I wonder if his mom ordered wallet sized pictures of this image.

I do like that he is wearing his gear, and while it’s hard to see, number 8 is on his helmet. This is the base card, which means that there are three parallels to obtain: red, blue, and cracked ice. Wish me luck.

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