2013 Topps Cut to the Chase-Andrew McCutchen

In lieu of the fact that Andrew McCutchen may be out for a month, I am in mourning.  This young man, and I can call him that as I am a few years his senior, is one of the best all-around players in baseball.

So let’s “cut to the chase” and admit that Tony LaRussa is a liar.  His recent comments about McCutchen and Goldschmidt just made him seem like a cry-baby.  Hitting someone in the hands is a lot closer to being accidental than hitting a player in the back.  If a pitcher lacks control, pitching inside can lead to getting hit on the hands.  But the way that Cutch got hit, it was on purpose.  LaRussa needs to stop talking.  Injuries happen, players get hit.  He is just changing the subject to Goldschmidt’s injury, trying to gain some sympathy for his club, and at the same time, justifying the actions of his players.

I am hopeful that McCutchen returns in a few weeks, but until then, I will have to offer a few posts about his greatness.

2013 Topps Series One Cut to the Chase:

Andrew Mccutchen

CTC-21, Andrew McCutchen

I don’t care for die-cut cards.  They are difficult to keep in pages and not worth the hassle of a penny sleeve and top-loader.  With that in mind, I am fond of this particular card.  There is a quasi action image that captures that powerful swing of his, and I like the fact that Topps didn’t airbrush the crowd from the background.  The colors work well, although the red is a little out-of-place.  All in all, this is a strong card for Cutch.

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