2000 Upper Deck Ovation-Jason Kendall

I have finally gotten around to posting about Jason Kendall, one of my favorite catchers of all-time.  My appreciation for him is one that started in the late ’90’s, a time when I was watching baseball but not collecting.  As such, I have a lot of sets from that time period to go through in order to complete my collection.  Here is one of the more interesting cards I have obtained thus far; 2000 Upper Deck Ovation

jason kendall

#40, Jason Kendall

I know very little about this set.  As it is from 2000, I am sure it is full of inserts and parallels, although I doubt that the base set is paralleled.  What I can say about this particular card is I love it.  I am sure that I am in the minority here, but I love that the stitches on the baseball are raised.  The image is a good one, though we know what could make it better: catcher’s gear. The white of the baseball is a little overwhelming, but doesn’t take away from the success of the card.

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