2013 Topps Series One: Nolan Ryan

As I have stated in previous posts, I am not a big fan of commemorative or manufactured patches/medals.  With that in mind, I recently came across one from 2013 Topps Series One, that drew my interest.

Nolan Ryan

CP-9, Nolan Ryan

This card comes from the Manufactured Commemorative Patches Set, that falls one per blaster box.  As soon as I saw this card, I knew I wanted it.  Not only is Nolan Ryan one of, if not my favorite pitcher, he is wearing his Astros uniform.  The Vintage Astros Uniform at that.  The patch looks really good, although it is a bit out-of-place on this card, as the last time he played for the Astros was in 1988, and this patch is part of the Astros uniform from 2012.  Still, the patch has great colors and matches the image well.  The look on Ryan’s face is great.  The “Ryan Express” is ready to roll.

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