2014 Topps Series 2 Blaster: Review (part 2)

I know that in the first part of this review, I was critical in my assessment of the product.  However, I have saved my favorite cards for this second part of the review, so there are some positives. The first of which, is the base card for Evan Gattis, who is quickly becoming my favorite current catcher.


# 464 Evan Gattis

What makes this card my favorite base card is not just the subject matter, but the picture that was chosen.  Topps captured Gattis in his follow through, and if you look at his eyes, they are focused on a ball that has an upward trajectory, possibly even a home run.  Gattis is an amazing power-hitter and this card shows it.  In addition, the fact that “El Oso Blanco” isn’t wearing batting gloves is great.  I am old-school, and I have a lot of respect for players who wear their socks at their knees and don’t use batting gloves.

Finally, that little trophy in the bottom right corner is what puts this card over the top.  I have been paying attention to cards with that trophy since I was 6.  It doesn’t always pan out for the player, but the Topps All-Star Rookie Trophy carries a lot of weight, and its appearance on this card just adds to the appeal.

Speaking of the Topps All-Star Rookie Trophy, this next card was a great bonus to the blaster.

votto patch

RCMP-JV, Joey Votto

This is the guaranteed manufactured patch card that came with the blaster.  I pay no attention to these cards when it comes to buying blasters.  Of the 10 plus blasters that I have bought, I have never pulled a card of a player that I collect, until this one.

Votto is my favorite player on the Reds, and pulling this card was very exciting.  I like the card’s design.  The enlarged cloth trophy in the middle of the card is a better design than most of these types of cards that Topps puts out.  The image of Votto is a bit bland, but there isn’t much room for a different type of image.

The back of the card offers no information, other than telling me that I just got the card I got.  But I don’t collect cards for the back; I collect them for the image on the front and the subject matter.

These two cards are my favorites from this box.  I don’t know if I have any variations or SP’s, and frankly, I don’t care.  I rarely check for those things.  I am happy with the box and appreciate that my wife got it for me.

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