2013 Topps Silver Sluggers Award Winner Trophy

Once I began collecting again, something I noticed was the inclusion of manufactured patches/medals in a lot of products.  As a whole, I am not a big fan; however, as part of a blaster, I like the idea.  When opening a hobby box, it is a little disappointing to pull  a manufactured patch or medal as one of the hits.

That being said, I can’t pass up the opportunity to pick them up on ebay, when disgruntled collectors auction them off, especially when the card in question is of Carlton Fisk.

'13 Series 2 Manu. Relic

Here is the Silver Slugger trophy manufactured relic included in 2013 Topps Series 1.

Pros: I like the Glossy finish of the card, as well as the inclusion of an actual metal bat.  The picture of Fisk is an older one, with the old-school batting helmet.

Cons: The card is extremely thick, which makes it difficult to store.

Overall, I am happy with this card.


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