1964 Topps-Yaz and Schilling

Here is another vintage card that I purchased at my LCS, Collector’s Den, and it is one from the 1964 Topps set.

1964 Topps #182, “Sox Sockers” Carl Yastrzemski and Chuck Schilling

1964 Topps-Yaz

I have to say that I am not impressed with this card.  The condition of the card is good, but the look of it is dull.

It looks like the photographer didn’t have any other ideas and said, “Hey guys, cross your bats together like you’re sword-fighting.”  Schilling, excited to be in any photo, looks willing and a bit amused.  But Yaz does not look impressed or interested in being in a part of this photo.  It seems like he wants to say, “you interrupted batting practice for this?”

1964 Topps-Yaz back

The back of the card gives a ton of information, but it is a lopsided write-up.  By ’64, Yaz had already won a Gold Glove, a batting title, and been named an all-star.  He was the face of the Red Sox organization.  And the information about him reflects his accomplishments in the majors.

Schilling, on the other hand, has a write-up about his minor league days, which would end up being the best he ever played, as he was out of baseball by ’66.

This was an odd pairing by Topps, and ultimately, it doesn’t work.

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