1953 Topps-Faye Throneberry

About a year ago, I went to my local card shop, Collector’s Den, looking for new Red Sox cards.  Much to my surprise, the owner had recently acquired some incomplete Topps sets from the 50′s-60′s.  Due to his generosity, I was able to obtain a stack of vintage Red Sox players.

Over the next few weeks, I will post about each of these cards.

Next up is a card from another iconic set, 1953 Topps.

1953 Topps, #49, Faye Throneberry.

'53 Topps Throneberry

As far as looks go, ’53 Topps has more appeal than ’52.  These cards offer the name, logo, team, and position, where ’52 only offers the name (twice) and logo.  In addition, the backgrounds have the appearance of being at a ballpark.  On this particular card, I can pretend that the Green Monster is in the background.

This particular card has a few major flaws, such as paper loss in the lower right corner.

'53 Topps Throneberry-back

The template for the back of the ’53 Topps set is again superior to the ’52 set.  I like the vertical alignment quite a bit.  We still get offensive and defensive stats, but there is no year of copyright.  The Dugout Quiz gives the card even more nostalgic appeal.  In this case, “leather players” is a term that doesn’t seem to be in fashion in 2014.

While I was excited about getting this card, I had never heard of Throneberry, but once I learned about him, I was very happy with this card.  Here again, is a man who served in the Army, spent time in Korea, and lost precious years of playing time in honor of his country.  Thank you, Maynard Faye “Collierville Flash” Throneberry!

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